Through an innovative treatment approach, ERGON TECHNIQUE…

  • was developed after years of research, clinical application and patients’ feedback on the Technique and ERGON Tools,
  • combines static and dynamic soft tissue manipulation with specialized clinical equipment (ERGON Tools), aiming to treat soft tissue restrictions,
  • Mobilizes effectively myofascial restrictions and adhesions.

The technique takes its name from the ancient Greek word “ergon”, which means “the product of a man’s work, be it manual or mental, scientific or artistic”. 

ERGON TECHNIQUE treats effectively musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies

ERGON TECHNIQUE as basic treatment in

  1. Tendinopathies
  • Shoulder Joint tendinopathies (Supraspinatus tendinopathies)
  • Tennis-golfers elbow
  • Hand Tendinopathies (DeQuervain)
  • Achiles Tendinopathies
  • Pes anserinus tendinopathies
  • Iliotibial band friction
  • Knee tendinopathies  (jumpers knee)
  1. Plantar fasciitis
  2. Muscle strains (subacute/chronic stage)
  3. Ligament sprains (remodeling phase)
  4. ROM deficits (frozen shoulder, post surgical adhesions, dupuytren syndrome)
  5. Myofascial Trigger Points – Muscle spasms –Pain syndromes
  6. Shin Splints
  7. Upper and lower extremities bursitis

Why become an ERGON TECHNIQUE certified therapist?

  • Assess potential fascial  dysfunctions,
  • Approach, in a therapeutic manner, areas than cannot be easily reached by human fingers,
  • Intervene on stiff tissue,
  • Reduce muscle tension and spasm
  • Restore the joint range of motion within the space of a few treatment sessions,
  • Produce controlled and targeted re-injury in cases of overuse injuries,
  • Accelerate tissue healing by activating fibroblasts,
  • Treat the majority of musculoskeletal and sports injuries,
  • Apply functional rehabilitation techniques and combined techniques.
  • mobilize oedemas and hematomas resulting from sports injuries
  • improve blood and lymph flow
  • align healing tissues
  • apply cross friction therapy on tendinopathies and other chronic injuries